December 11, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

We are following tropical storm Olga--and the waves are HUGE today--15-20 feet, relative wind is 50 mph!!! I took an 8 second video showing the bow of the boat against the horizon and will try to upload that! Norm is napping, I am considering going shopping, trivia at 5:15 (we came in second yesterday, Donna would be proud! By the way, the first ready to eat cereal was______________.) Dinner is at 8:30....

(This dial-up is pitiful! I am not sure the video will load....if not, I'll post it later.)

If the video loads, look at how far up and down the bow of the ship goes as compared to the horizon.

We are heading south to St. Thomas (STT) from the Bahamas, which is where we were yesterday. The Captain has the stabilizers out so we rock forward to aft, but not side-to-side. Some people are seasick...and for now, am counting my lucky stars that it doesn't bother me. (To me, it is like a carnival ride!) Calm seas in St. Thomas tomorrow--we are going to go look at Island Packets.