Thanksgiving's Plan

November 20, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Chase and Casey, plus Jennifer, Liam and Brendyn will be here for dinner on Thursday Brother Mike, his wife Jackie and 75% of his kids will be here (Margo will be doing an annual soccer event in Palm Springs again this year.) Jackie's sister, Judy and her two kidlets will be here, too.

Norm is going to visit friends in London. His new job at the Pentagon has kept him here all year, and his only travels have been to see his Dad, when he was hospitalized. So, he can go to London without taking many days off off the Thanskgiving weekend.

He may be the smart one, you know!

Dinner menu looks like this:
Dressing (may do two kinds, one with pecans and apples, one plain for the kiddies.)
mashed potatoes and gravy
mixed greens salad
green bean casserole (2 versions--one without soy sauce and with cheese, as requested by Jennifer)
sweet potato casserole (courtesy of Jackie)
Watergate salad (requested by Casey)
cranberry-pineapple salad (to be made by Casey)
Apple pie a la mode with the famous dulce de leche
Pecan Pie

I think I have to kick up my work out a bit!