Small World

December 30, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

This is the coolest thing! I received a comment on my blog the other day, from the man I mentioned in this post. Here is what I said:

I have been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade when I was 8 years old. Got my first pair on Valentine's Day...and the cute boy in my class, Steve L***** told me he liked my glasses. (Green eyeglasses! UGH!) He even played a game with me at lunchtime. Sweetie-pie

I had his full name actually written out. So, here is some of what I received in yesterday's e-mail:

Hi Annette:

I can't believe I am writing you this comment ! Please read on -Anyway - I was shocked to see when I was doing some google searches for my family members & some friends when I put my name in to the google bar...Steve L*****. Your blog came up and - I THINK I am the only Steve L***** on the planet ! The only thing that made me think it was not me is that you described "that" Steve L***** as cute and . . . well - I have not heard that phrase describe me EVER in my life :-)

I did not initially recognize your face - and - in fact, I still do not. But ; when I put the dates together (you being 8 years old & us being in school together), I can only deduct that it was at Sacred Heart School in Jax, Florida - am I correct ? Must've been 4th grade then ?! Am I wrong? Sister Mary Leon ? Ha - maybe I'm stabbing in the dark and I'm way off here but - just thought I'd venture this way.

Now - (if I am right somewhat), you won't BELIEVE what I'm about to say but I had a crush on a girl named Annette there but she was not a blonde...but she was absolutely the cutest girl in the entire school in my book. But I never told her (I don't think!). And - if I told you I liked your (green!) glasses, I meant it but.......

Well - if you'd like to let me know I am wrong - or hopefully right ; please email me okay? We are both in aviation though funnily enough ! ......I hope to hear from you - If I don't though, I'll just assume that I'm way off here (though I'd love to know if another guy with my name actually exists !).......

Happy holidays, Steve

So, a couple of e-mails exchanged and it is indeed the man who, in 1968, was my very first crush! He lives in Singapore, now! I am stunned and amazed at the power of the Internet! It is a very small world!