Flight Attendants with Training Wheels--and a Walrus!

March 30, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

Yesterday, we did one of our three "training" flights. While the rest of our class was flying on the "Guppy" (affectionate term for the narrowbody 737) two of my classmates and I were flying on the widebody 777--a seriously huge airplane! We flew from Chicago (ORD) to Washington Dulles (IAD). I worked in First--and was nervous--a feeling I don't get very often. None of it was hard--just new and different--plus, we haven't studied it yet. The Flight Attendants I worked with were terrific and it was over too quickly--we had fun!

On the return leg, we worked a 767--another seriously huge airplane--and I worked the Economy galley and set up the carts--then did the beverage service with another FA. We had fun as she whipped through the service. Me? I was like a granny because I had no clue where what cans were in the tray on the cart or exactly what beverages we carried--we have just not talked about in Stew School! So, for every three rows she served, I maxed out ONE row!! She was precious and funny and kind, so I really appreciate her! In fact, all the Flight Attendants I worked with were terrific, and made us feel so welcome!

Today, I am sitting in a hotel room--had to get off the Farm for a few hours! My roommates really are great young women--I adore them and thank the Roommate Assigning Goddess daily that she picked them for me--but, three of us in the room is a bit much for me, especially since we are literally together 24/7. It was nice here at the hotel with my king-sized bed and no phones vibrating with text messages at all hours of the night. I'm sure they appreciated not having (fill in my unlovable habit here) to deal with, too!

This afternoon, a couple of us are going to the mall, and then tomorrow we'll be back in the routine of computer learning tonight, and class early in the morning , and to sleep early in the evening. Tomorrow starts Week 3 for us...with only 32 days to go....

On the home front, my Dad is home from the hospital. My sister Donna has been keeping us posted on her blog--here is a particular "ditty" about Dad that she posted that I loved:

A nurse had come by to put a yellow band on his wrist because the hospital auditors would be coming by to check on things. A yellow band is put on patients over the age of 65 because they are considered a "fall risk." When the nurse told Dad he was a fall risk, he asked her seriously, "I am a walrus?"

That is STILL making me laugh!!