SAFTing, SASTing and a very long week!

April 05, 2008 2 Comments A+ a-

Yesterday we learned all about serving in Business Class....SAFTing and SASTing our way through it. Uh, what's that? You aren't familiar with SAFTing? Well, it is Spoon And Fork Technique and Spoon And Spoon Technique, where one uses a spoon and fork together, like tongs to serve...bread, fruit, cheese...I guess an old dog CAN learn new tricks!

This week, we played on a 747 and a 777. I had never been on a 747, so that was way cool!

We are starting our 4th week tomorrow. And, to celebrate, we'll start with not one, but TWO quizzes!

Here are some pictures from this week:

Stefie, Kristian and roommates. Well, Kristian is in our room so much, we refer to her as our "fourth roommate."

Remle, Ondreya, Kristine, Yao and Kristina--on our way to the hangar.

Claudia, Denise, Brandi, Cherie, Imed, and Steve

Aaron, Keelan (standing) Jonas and Emily on the 777

crew rest area on the 777

Next week, we start the intense part of the training (as if the last three weeks have been a cakewalk!!)

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April 6, 2008 at 6:04 PM delete

Blondie, I hope they taught you that SAFT stands for 'some asshole forgot tongs'!! Best of luck in your remaining weeks.

April 6, 2008 at 6:10 PM delete

Heather--that is freakin' hilarious!! I'll make sure the whole class knows!!!