In the Land of Boeing....

June 29, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

A quick update--I went to San Antonio for a couple of days to see my Dad--he looks great! We did the usual favorites and I was sorry it was for such a short time. This picture is of the San Antonio Riverwalk--which is a lot of fun. But, waaa-ay too hot for me to want to be down there this time of the year. (Maybe in January!!)

Today, the Crew Desk called and gave me a trip. One leg to Seattle, layover, then deadhead back to Washington in the morning.

We had a little excitement prior to leaving the gate-a lady was very light headed and appeared to be going in and out of consciousness. The Captain called for paramedics, and we were able to get her some help. We left without her or her husband. I sure hope she is feeling better!

So, our poor passengers were on a packed Airbus 319. Not a bad plane, but very tight for a 5.5 hour flight. Add to that the lady that was ill--about 30 minutes--and weather/rerouting delays while still on the ground in Washington--probably another 30 minutes--we were on the plane for a long, long time! I was glad to get to Seattle! And, of course, there is a freakin' heat wave going on here--it was 91 degrees earlier today in Seattle!

A quick shout out to one of my passengers today--he is affiliated with TMZ and was checking out MY blog once we landed!