Party and prices

November 05, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

Monday was the first day my Flight Attendant training class was officially off probation! Yaaaaa-ay! Being on probation, one can be terminated for almost any reason--so, it is a very good thing to get through it. One of our classmates had a party to celebrate the this milestone for 19 of the the original 34 of us that started back in March in Chicago. Three of our classmates are in different bases: Chicago, Los Angeles, and Denver. And, with all the crazy schedules everyone keeps, it is such a treat to get together! So, a big thanks to Sue for having us over!

Remle and Claudia mugging for the camera.

(Remle just called a few minutes ago, just to chat--from Germany!)

My friend Imed has met a beautiful woman, Melissa, and they seem very happy together.

And, while I adore Imed now, he had to remind me how much I couldn't stand him when we first started training. (I wasn't mean to him or anything, just didn't like him.) We had a few laughs over that!

We had a great time, and it can't happen again soon enough! (The party, not the probation!)

In other news...'s a trend I hope continues: gas prices falling! 13 days ago, I paid $2.95 a gallon.

Yesterday, $1.99!

What happened in 12 days to affect the price by almost 33%?