Gluhwein and Christmas markets!

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I've been in Germany this past week.  Non-revved over to Frankfurt (FRA) with no problems and once there, I took the ICE train from the Flughofen (airport) to the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (main train station) which is about an hour's ride and where Norm picked me up.

We've spent the long Thanksgiving weekend bumming around the country....a short visit to Dresden, a couple of days in Berlin, and on the drive home, a shopping extravaganza in Coburg--at the Goebel factory outlet--where we have just fallen in love with Rosina Wachtmeister's katzen.  

Last night we had a wonderful dinner near where Norm lives and works--a place in Stuttgart called Wirtshaus Garbe.  After being seated, the owner stopped by and recommended a  lovely Reisling that was just delicious!  My dinner was the <insert German name here!>  skillet, with pork medallions, a divine sauce, and spaetzle.  Both of us agree that our dinners were "omigawd" good!   So, if you find yourself in Stuttgart, I can highly recommend you stop by Wirtshaus Garbe--near Kelley Barracks in Plieningen!

We're just back from the Christmas market in Stuttgart, where we spent a few hours shopping and drinking gluhwein, a lovely spiced wine served warm.  There are hundreds of decorated stalls selling food, toys, nutcrackers, handcrafted gifts, ornaments, candles, jewelry.  I like the Christmas market we went to in Berlin, but I love the one in Stuttgart! With the ferris wheel, train rides, and ice skating rink, the market in Stuttgart just seemed more friendly and family-oriented...more Christmas-y!

Tomorrow I am getting up early and taking the train back to FRA and will (hopefully) get home easily.  I fly the first few days of December, and Norm is back home for good next week.  I'll be flying over the holidays, so if you're heading to out of town, be sure to look for me and say hello!

Norm and me toasting our family and friends over
Thanksgiving dinner in Dresden.  No turkey for us, though!

Former Russian President Putin was in Berlin for a state
visit.  There were lots of protesters and polizei near the Brandenburg gate.
Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market in Berlin

Gluhwein--you get the mug with the wine, if you want.

Norm next to a Berlin Bear.

It was a winter wonderland on the drive from Berlin to Stuttgart!

The things I do for you--we stopped for a Coke, and...well, they had
shrimp at McDonald's.  So I had to try it...for you, of course!!

The cocktail dip was a Thousand Island-like sauce.

Back to the Winter Wonderland!

Christmas Market in Stuttgart

Fish on a stick???  

The roofs of the market stalls are all decorated!

Kebobs staying warm in a delicious smelling gravy!

Decorations on a roof

Wine?  Schnapps?  What would you like?

Friendly lady selling tealights, candles and beautiful candleholders!

Love the birdhouses!

The moose would start talking and moving its' head...

I know this looks unusual, Norm with a mug of gluhwein....

After twisting my arm, I joined him!!  ;)

In solidarity with my daughter Casey and a too-long-ago trip to Paris, I had a banana and Nutella crepe.
It was for my kid, really....
It was huge...but, I was up for the challenge!

Train ride for the kids!

So cute!

This ferris wheel's cars are like Christmas ornaments--so cute!

I'm happy to say Santa had some gluhwein, but Rudolph is doing the driving!


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December 1, 2010 at 12:54 PM delete

I hope you made it home ahead of the snow in Frankfurt!! It wad a ZOO there yesterday an the afternoon before!!

December 1, 2010 at 5:51 PM delete

Heather--I took the train up from snowy STR to FRA and there was no snow there, Monday morning. By the time I got through security, it started snowing hard! I was glad to get out of there--even if it was in the village!

December 17, 2010 at 1:08 AM delete

Thanks for the post. I'm so jealous, I've been wanting to go to the Christmas Markets for years but haven't yet made it. I have a 3 year old so trips like that will have to wait. It looks like you had a great time!