Happy holidays, wherever I am!

December 21, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

I'm spending the better part of my afternoon packing--I haven't flown in a while, so my suitcase is *gasp* empty...everything has been taken out and now must be put back in.  So, our bed is now the staging ground for my next trip....socks, camis, yoga pants....all in little stacks waiting to be packed or put away.

I start five days on Reserve tomorrow.  Since I have very low hours this month, I'll be one of the first ones The Voice will call out--and you can bet it's going to be one of the oh-dark-thirty Airport Standby calls.  From there, I could end up anywhere--Tokyo, San Diego, or home.  I think if I don't get used tomorrow and come home, I'll likely be assigned oh-dark-thirty Airport Standby the following day.  *sigh*
I love how this picture turned out--it may be next year's Christmas card!

I am more than likely to be flying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Our tree at home is decorated, presents are wrapped and have been sent to my family...Norm and I will celebrate Christmas on the 27th. Last year he surprised me by showing up on Christmas Eve from his new job in Germany.  This year, he is home safe and sound.

So, if you're flying this holiday, look for me and say hi!  I have no idea where I'm going, but, you'll know it's me--I wear goofy Christmas necklaces that light up!  This year's collection includes the new flashing snowflakes, by the way...

Whatever your holiday plans are, I hope you are with your family-in person, via Skype, or even a warm e-mail or Christmas card.  I can't think of anything else more important.

Happy Holidays from Blondie, Norm and the kitty cats!

*** 11:10 p.m.  I just got The Call from The Voice....I'm going to London (LHR) with a 38 hour layover, back on Christmas Eve.  Looks like Norm and I will have Christmas on Christmas Day, after all!!