Shopping, errrr....I mean working, today!

January 08, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

I'm on Reserve today. And yesterday. And tomorrow.  Sitting around the house waiting for my airline to beckon me to work, I'm getting paid to be at home. Also, I can't really go anywhere or do anything because I may have to be at work within 3 hours of a phone call. We cover three airports here in Washington, DC, and it can take a minimum of an hour to get to Baltimore (BWI) or Washington Dulles (IAD) from my house, plus the time (usually 30-45 minutes) from the parking lot through security to the domicile. Washington Reagan (DCA) is a mere 5 miles from our house...I can leave within an hour of sign-in and be on time there.

Norm is all abuzz with activity today...running a few errands this morning, coming back and draggin' the Christmas boxes upstairs from the garage so I can put away the holiday decorations. Yeah, yeah...I'll get to it. I've been doing more important things today: I've been shopping over on Etsy. I love this marketplace of handmade items on the web! Just type in the words "passport cover" and you'll find 32 pages of designs!  Such talented people and creative folks! Here are a few of my favorites:

Take a look at this beautiful passport cover by jenn maruska design.  Hand-embroidered, wool felt with a vintage button...oh, so cute!

Jenn says she is inspired by Japanese crafts and functional designs.  Be sure to check out her shop for business card wallets, iPhone covers, and very cute linen clutches!

How about this design called "Ocean"? I love the airplane that jackandbeedesign have printed on the cover. And, how you slide your passport in and out of this protective cover. The pattern on this one reminds me of Hawaii!

Check out all the fabric accessories in the shop, including the very cute luggage tags, digital camera case covers and iPhone covers

I so love the vintage travel posters of this passport cover by two polka dots! Since I use Global Entry when I come back into the country, this is a perfectly slim design so that the passport does not have to come out of the cover.

two polka dots has a shop that gives a home to great paper goods. Stop in there and take a look at the oh-so-fun wallet, checkbook and more passport covers!

Gardenour Leather makes these cool leather covers...they use real leaves of oak, ginkgo, orchid tree and ferns to emboss them.  How pretty!

Make sure you check out Gardenour Leather's shop--it is chock full of iPad and Kindle sleeves, more passport covers, wallets and (my fave) purses!

Finally, Dollbirdies makes this fun fabric cover for your passport.  And, this print just makes me happy! Dollbirdies also has a great suggestion-give these passport covers as gifts for your bridal party for your destination wedding!

Take a stroll through Dollbirdies shop-she makes beautiful covers and bags for almost anything: Kindles, iPads, wallet covers, and diaper bags!

So, it's back to shopping, I mean working for me!  It's a tough gig--waiting around for a phone call that may or may not come--and I'm just the girl to do it!