Really, Coca-Cola?

March 12, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Really, Coca-Cola?  As the makers of Sprite, did ya really have to go and do this?

From the Flight Attendant's perspective, these cans look exactly alike!  Not to mention that my bird's eye view is from the top of the can in the beverage cart.  The aluminum-colored top of the can.  From there, I can just see a tiny bit of color to decipher which can is which.  Now, I'll be picking up every single can in an effort to find the *one* Sprite Zero in each tray on the cart.   There goes my manicure!

It was bad enough when Coke did the white polar bear cans during the this!

Thank you to the Seagram's company for making the ginger ale cans gold on the top. Too bad we don't seem to carry that brand any more...