I'm Blondie

July 09, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

My nickname is "Blondie." Jeff B. gave me this name when I started working in his office 12 years ago. It was sarcastic and meant to put me in my place. We sold television advertising there--and he thought I was just another chick who couldn't pull her weight around the office. He started calling me Blondie as an obvious reference to a dumb blonde. All three of the men in our office were outstanding sales people. The two women--not so good. All the men went to lunch together a few times a week--they never went with the women. I usually ate at my desk or was with a client. My sales were strong from the beginning, and after 90 days or so, I was number one in sales for the office.

One day, Jeff B. came to me and said--"Hey Blondie, wanna go to lunch?" My abilities and contributions were acknowledged with that invitation, and I have been a proud Blondie ever since.