I'm a Flight Attendant

July 10, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Yep, I'm a Flight Attendant. I fly for a regional carrier--which isn't so regional. You can fly from New York to California on my little 70 seat airplane with only one stop--in NW Arkansas. Yep, LaGuardia to Los Angeles in a "little" plane. Hardly makes us regional, huh?

I love my job. Well, I love the lifestyle. The actual job isn't so great. After I do my safety related functions, I'm a sky waitress. Schleppin' drinks. So many people have forgotten the basics of please or thank you--it's astounds me! I prefer to work during the week, with the business flyers--who are stuck in the aluminum tube more than they want to be. My business peeps always say please or thank you.

I like the lifestyle and schedule of a flight attendant. I am not on Reserve, which means I hold a schedule and know where I'll be, on what days, and when I am going home. We bid on our schedules based on seniority. I prefer to work during the week, and mostly just want Sundays at home. For July, I was able to hold a Monday-Thursday schedule. Each week is the same "trip" starting on Mondays and ending on Thursdays.

We also have the ability to "Trip Trade." Trip Trading means we can take the trip we have and trade it for another trip we want, which can be on the same or different days. We have legalities to work around--must have 24 hours off after 6 days of working--things like that. I was able to Trip Trade my schedule so that I worked the last 10 calendar days, but had two 24 hour periods off in there. I had yesterday and today off, and start another 4 day trip tomorrow. (Sounds complicated, I know!) After that, I work another 2 day trip, and then am off for the rest of the month! I will have 13 days off in a row, having worked a full schedule the first 18 days of the month. Same paycheck, no vacation used, and almost 2 weeks off in a row.

THAT'S why I like this job!

The first few days I have off, I am going to Anchorage, Alaska.  Then come home for a couple of days...then head to San Antonio to see my Dad for a few days.

Not a bad gig, eh?