Labor Day Weekend in Duck, NC

September 04, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Delaney either wanted to go with me to the Outer Banks, or she just found a comfy spot!

My flowers--as I was backing up to leave--I thought they looked so pretty!

Hangin' out in Duck this week...drove down from Washington and picked up my sister, Donna in Virginia Beach. Then we got to Duck around 7pm and settled in. She went back to Virginia Beach the next afternoon, because she ran in the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on Sunday morning. She was pleased--she finished at 2:06:45 and finished 5819 out of 17009 finishers. My niece, Monica, spent the weekend with us as well...she volunteered at the marathon.

Me and Monica on the dock

Shelby, Dad, Jack

My friend Shelby and her husband, Jack drove up from Columbia, SC to spend some time here at Duck. Shel and I were in Flight Attendant training together and have been buds ever since. Shel and Jack have a home in Fort Worth, Texas...and she is in the Army Reserves, too. The Army called her up to active duty, and she is now stationed and living in Columbia. Jack is retired Army, and he, too, has been recalled back to active duty.

My Dad flew in on Friday night--flights were full because of the Labor Day holiday, so he drove to Austin from where he lives in San Antonio--and took a non-stop flight to Raleigh, NC--then drove 4 hours to get here!! I don't get to see him enough, so it was not only a treat to have the Duck house for this time, but it was very special that he came in to see us!


I also had my 4 year old grandson, Brendyn down with us for a short while--and we stopped at Target and bought toys and DVDs--because we could!! He spent the night and slept with me--his little legs all over me all night long! It was great! (He loves his "Mimi"!)

My daughter, Jennifer came down for a few hours yesterday, and we went to dinner with Dad and Brendyn. Along with the dinner, they served whole pieces of fresh, sweet corn on the cob--it was sooooo good. Sweet, crunchy, buttery....

Jennifer and Dad at Sunset Grille

Walking back from the Sunset Grille with Brendyn being a monkey.

Duck is the kind of place where you can do much of nothing, or a whole lot! One of the best things is the dock overlooking the Currituck Sound, and the beautiful sunsets. The sunsets are made better when I am surrounded with people I love!