Old and achy--my new status quo!

October 18, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Just finished a five day trip--actually it was a three day backed up to a two day. Since I am able to fit into my uniform skirts now, I have been wearing my black pumps. Well, I broke a heel on them a couple of weeks ago, and have been wearing my navy blue pumps. OMIGAWD I have been in so much pain this trip! These shoes hurt my feet so much! And, there was no layover where I was able to go buy new shoes....so, I wore my "servin' slippers" as much as I could. These are old, beat up flats that I wear while in flight...certainly not for public consumption off the aircraft. Still, after this trip, I want to saw my legs off....

Tomorrow, I am heading to San Antonio (finally) to spend the weekend with my Dad. He has some lovely friends that I adore--a couple named Jeanie and Joe. Joe is twice retired and between my Dad and him, tell the same stories over and over! He is a pistol! And his wife, Jeanie is fun! My sister, Donna will be there too--so we will all go to dinner at least once. There is an Italian restaurant that we go to and it makes the best eggplant parmigian. And, Donna and I always hit up the San Antonio Stein Mart while there. On Sunday, we'll go to church with my Dad, and then head home.