San Antonio

October 25, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

This is a great picture of my Dad! This was at his house last weekend in San Antonio. (He's single, ladies!!)

This is the biker bar my Dad goes to occasionally called the Hangin' Tree Saloon. He and my cousin, David, ride motorcycles up to Bracken, TX, where the saloon is. We stopped in Sunday afternoon for a quick drink before heading to the airport. Neat place!

I did all my favorite "San Antonio" things while we were there. First was the Thai Cafe for lunch on Friday. Then we picked up my sister, Donna from the airport. On Saturday, Donna and I went shopping at La Cantera...and that was a fun day--the mall is outdoors, and the weather was beautiful and warm, and I found a pair of pants at Nordstrom that fit perfectly. That evening, we had dinner at Sorrento's Ristorante and had their divine eggplant is to die for! Sunday morning we went to my Dad's church--it is a very small church, and everyone knows everyone and they all make Donna and me feel so welcome. The best part of the day: the church folks had a potluck lunch! Home cooking at its' finest! It was delicious!

Today, here in Northern Virginia, it is finally raining. It has been close to 40 days without rain...and a real chill is in the air--finally feels like October.

I have a great line for November--I fly Fridays through Mondays...which gives me Thanksgiving off. I generally bid to work on Christmas Day, since Christmas Eve is the real day I want off, and then someone else gets the day off. I'm so nice!! :) Anyway, I have Recurrent training on November 5-6 and hopefully will get my 4 day trip on November 9-12 dropped. That's when Shelly and I are going to Buenos Aires for a week.