Paris, First Class, International--NOT!

November 26, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

My friend, Cherie, is graduating from Flight Attendant training on Thursday, and has asked me to pin her wings on at the ceremony. The person who pins on your wings, must also have their own wings--either a pilot or a Flight Attendant. This is a real honor for me!

Cherie is old hat with this stuff--she was a Flight Attendant with TWA, which was acquired by American some years ago. She used to fly when it was more glamorous and they served meals on short haul flights, and service was elegant. She has seen a lot of changes in her time!

(Disclaimer: this is not a picture of Cherie, nor is she old enough to be in a picture like this!)

After being furloughed (laid off) she ended up flying at my regional carrier. I think it was a love-hate relationship by then. She loved her schedule and the time off her seniority allowed--even liked most people she worked with. But, hated what she has seen become of the industry.

Now, she is going back to fly the "big planes." She'll be on Reserve for the rest of her career. The way they work it there is every 3rd month the Flight Attendant is "on call" and has to go wherever Crew Scheduling sends her. She will also be based in New York City--which is a tough commute from Kansas City, where she lives. But, her pay has increased significantly, and she will end her career with a small pension--something I don't have with the Company.

(Disclaimer: this is not a picture of Cherie, nor is she young enough to be in a picture like this!)

So, Wednesday night, I am flying to Dallas, so I can pin her wings on Thursday morning. I start my next trip on Friday morning--I have a 0545 sign-in. After attending Cherie's graduation on Thursday morning, I will fly to Chicago, and get a hotel there for Thursday night, so I am in place for my oh-dark-thirty "show" time on Friday.

I'll be back home the afternoon of December 3, then will be off until December 18th. I am taking some vacation days so Norm and I can do a little traveling together.