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Woo-hoo! Got an excellent schedule for December. 18 days off! Of course, there was a trade-off. I bid to work Christmas Day. We do our celebration on Christmas Eve--so I don't mind working Christmas Day. I just don't like having to get up really early to fly to Chicago--but my trip starts at 3pm, so I can sleep in a bit that day.

So, here is my schedule with the overnights:

November 30-December 3:
NW Arkansas (XNA)
Indianapolis (IND)
Little Rock (LIT)

December 7-10
White Plains, NY (HPN)
Springfield, MO (SGF)
Grand Rapids, MI (GRR)
This trip I will take vacation days because Norm and I are taking off for a week. More on this later...

December 18-20
Champaign, IL (CMI)
Raleigh, NC (RDU)

December 25-26
Grand Rapids, MI (GRR)

December 31-January 2
NW Arkansas (XNA)
Bloomington, IL (BMI)

Well, this is how it all stands now. If I can trade my trip on the 7th, to work on other days, I'll do that, so I don't have to take vacation time. Then, a couple of these trips start early in the morning--too early to fly in that day, so if I can't trade them, I have to come in the night before and pay for a hotel room. And, the trips are jam packed--five legs days, followed by four leg days, followed with five legs days--which is how they Company is able to build a schedule with full time hours and lots of days off: you just have to work from sun-up to well into the evening hours--very long days. So, I'll try to trade and see what happens.