Hotels are Gross!**

December 28, 2007 1 Comments A+ a-

Well, this video just about grossed me out a couple of weeks ago! It shows how Hotel Housekeepers clean the drinking glasses in hotels. Watch it at your own risk!

When I check into my room, I do my thing to make me feel better. I carry Clorox Wipes with me and use one to clean the remote control, faucet handles, toilet flusher handle thingee, and the toilet seat. I don't sit on the bedspread--ever! And, I put a towel on the chair in the room--I just assume some people sit around naked in their hotel room and I do not want their butt germs on my clothes.

Some of my colleagues joke me that I am messing with my immune system by not allowing these germs to get into my system. HELLO! I am trapped in an aluminum tube with 50-70 people carrying God-knows-what-disease, and hacking it up into the air I have to breathe. No one needs to worry about my immune system!

My sister, Donna, who is now a Senior VP of a big bank, used to work as a Hotel Housekeeper when she was in high school. (See--you have a crappy job when you are a kid, and it waaa-ay motivates you to do better for yourself!!) Anyway, she will not use the face cloths that the hotels provide. I have no idea why--she just doesn't. No tellin' what she saw 30 years ago on the linens people leave behind....

There is one hotel chain that does a cool thing--Hampton Inns. If the hotel has updated its' soft goods, they will have a white duvet cover on their "Cloud Nine" bed. This white duvet cover is changed between each and every guest--so you can sprawl out on the bedspread if you want--it is clean! Love that!

**with all due respect to my fabulous brother-in-law, who runs a couple of very nice--and clean--hotels.

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December 29, 2007 at 6:49 AM delete

I think every flight attendant know about those hotel glasses! Yuck, I always use the plastic ones if they have them, or clean them myself. Hotels are nothing but a breeding ground for disease and bacteria. Between the plane,passengers and hotels, its no wonder we are sick all the time!