Still thinking warm thoughts!

January 17, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

We are waiting for the snow and sleet to come to Washington, DC today--should be here in a couple of hours. The news is reporting this stuff almost second by second---schools are closed and the salt trucks are out in force.

So, I am working on my "bid" for February. Flight Attendants and Pilots bid for the schedule we want to fly, and it is "awarded" based on our seniority. In Chicago (ORD), I am about halfway up the seniority list. I can generally hold a line (monthly schedule) that has weekends off, if I want. There are so many things one has to consider when bidding for one's schedule, and it's important to prioritize!

Usually, I bid to have weekends off. Next month, it isn't so important--I don't have that much going on. Other considerations are where my layovers are, which hotel we are in, how many legs we have to work, how many days off there are, and if the trip commutable. (Commutable means that it doesn't start too early on the first day, because I have to fly from Washington, DC (DCA) to ORD just to get to work, then have enough time to get back home on the last day of the trip.)

For February, I am thinking Miami. Brilliant!

Problem with that is all the "senior mamas" are also thinking the same thing.

We stay at a hotel in MIA that is on the beach, and is an all-crew hotel. This particular hotel caters to crew people only....they know our specific needs and wants and do a great job taking care of us. They have a free breakfast (mention the word "free" and crews swarm to whatever it is...) a grill with charcoal provided--so crews can walk a couple of blocks to the grocery store and buy a steak and grill it if they want; a beer vending machine that only costs $1, lotsa of computers so those that don't carry a laptop can keep in touch, a great gym/work-out facility, pool table, foosball, comfy beds (even if the rooms themselves need to be updated) a pool with a fountain overlooking the beach, and naked Flight Attendants.

Yes, I said naked Flight Attendants. This hotel has crews from all over the world--Europe, Asia, South America, Australia. While relaxing poolside, the ladies have been known to follow customs we don't usually see here in the US, and that is lying poolside topless. It is no big deal there, and there are many pilots that just sit poolside all day long enjoying the view. (They'd never admit to it, but don their reflective sunglasses and just grin.) Occasionally, there is a Flight Attendant to enjoy just a wee bit of the drink, and decide to take it all particular lady was treated to a big pilot ovation as she exited the pool into the waiting towel her co-worker handed her.

It isn't a common thing to see there, but it isn't a shocking thing to see, either. No one pays it much mind. Well, except for the ogling pilots!

Anyway, there a bunch of MIA layovers for next month, so I will toss my bid in and see what happens. Probably will end up with something like a snowy, frozen Rochester, NY (ROC) instead.

Which isn't so bad, because the hotel has free breakfast!