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Got home from my trip yesterday around 6 pm. I was so tired that I fell asleep in the chair last night watching reruns of Judge Judy!

Had a fun First Officer this trip--Katie. She's full of energy and always in a happy mood--I would very much like to fly with her again. My Captain--not so much. He's one of those guys that "slam clicks"-- which means he just goes into his hotel room, slams the door and clicks the lock--and doesn't reappear until it is time to go to the airport the next day. He is also one of those strange old birds that has to do everything his way--so, I am glad he was a slam-clicker! He has the worst breath humanly possible, too! Poor Katie! She told me she almost got sick on her last trip with him because the smell in the cockpit was so bad. Since the cockpit door is closed in flight, the flight deck crew slides the passengers' connecting gate information to me through a vent in the door. Knowing it was coming, I stood there for a moment--and could smell his breath on the other side of the door! Yep, it was that bad! Someone buy that man some dental floss!!

The very best part of the trip was that I was able to have dinner with my Dad! He was in Memphis (MEM) visiting family, and stuck around to meet me for dinner. Of course, we were late getting there, since we had to de-ice in Chicago and that took forever--and I had an early wake-up call the next morning (3:45 in the morning qualifies as early!) so we had to keep it short. We had a lovely dinner at the Italian Steakhouse, Capriccio in the Peabody Hotel. (The Peabody is famous for its' ducks, that walk the lobby every day.) The food was good, the service was good, but my company was outstanding! We had a lovely, lovely dinner--and it was coincidental that it was my Mom's birthday--she would have been--wait, I'll keep that to myself!! ;) Anyway, there we were, telling Mom stories, both of us tearing up several times during dinner--I wish we could have stayed there longer! We really had a lovely time together!

My big plans for Cincinnati (CVG) evolved into take-out from the hotel's restaurant. My First Officer, Katie, invited me to join her and her parents for dinner, but I had fallen asleep, and bowed out. Which officially made ME a "slam-clicker!"

I took this picture from the hotel's restaurant--we actually stay in Covington, KY, which is across the river from CVG.

I am going to vote--today is the primary election here in Virginia.