Cruel, cruel world!

April 20, 2008 2 Comments A+ a-

It's a cruel, cruel world out there! We have been without Internet access for the last week in the Training Center! Oh, we can get the company's website, no problemo, but no outside sites. I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms like crazy! I am up this morning to get my "fix"!

Norm flew in yesterday to visit--I picked him up from the airport after my last class. We headed out to a terrrifc restaurant called Wildfire. Our dinners were delicious, the service was great, and the atmosphere was like an old dinner club. We loved it! Mostly though, I just enjoyed being with him. We were happy to find out that this small chain of eight steakhouses has a location that is not far from where we, we plan on going back very soon!

I have spent the last two weeks getting up at 0415 each morning--and I have the opportunity to sleep in today in this gorgeous bed here at the Marriott Schaumberg, next to my snoozing man, and I am wide awake. Don't know if it's because of the excitement of checking my e-mail and getting online that has me up early, or the new bad habit of getting up so darn early. I'm gonna hope it is the Internet addiction being served!

Norm brought supplies for me on this battery charger for my camera, my mail, and (most importantly!) THREE People magazines! (Yeah, I subscribe--it's my thing--leave me alone!) I feel rejuvenated! Who needs a spa, when I can get more tidbits on Britney and Beyonce??

Training has been a whirlwind. We finished up the technical portion--the doors on all the airplanes, fire fighting, first aid, security--tons of stuff we had to memorize verbatim, plus the evacuation commands associated with each aircraft. It was a fun two weeks--if you're into pain! Now, we are back to focusing on service. This past Friday, we studied our First Class service--which is elegant, and consists of many elements. I volunteered to work in the galley--there is so much to learn and I want to know it all--and, overall, I did a pretty good job--no one was waiting for me to catch up to them. Au contraire, mon amie! Gallerina was right on time--and we all ate delicious First Class meals, served from our 747 training mock up. And, I'm fairly confident in saying that once I master this, the galley will be my favorite position. I felt right at home there, not overwhelmed--even though it was my first time. I know it will be more intense when real life happens, but, I'm ready for it. It was fun!

On Wednesday, we leave for our International training flights....drum roll....I am going to Narita (Tokyo) Japan! Woo-hoo! We have 25 hours there--and my plans are simple: sleep, eat, shop. I won't venture into the city of Tokyo with so little time--but, wonder if there are any markets near the airport? So, to my Flight Attendant friends out here in blogworld--where do you go when in NRT? What is a good buy? Any "seasoned" advice for a newbie? Also, I am hoping to work in the Business galley going over, and Coach galley coming back--what do you think/recommend? We'll be on the 777. (Not sure when I can get back online--I get my e-mails on my phone, so any comments that are posted, I'll get an e-mail and can read them that way.)

On the family front--my Dad is doing very, very well since his quadruple bypass surgery a few weeks ago. He is chompin' at the bit to be back up to speed! He sounds so good on the phone--and was actually "chatty" the last time I spoke with him. That is not his usual MO, but, I suspect he is going stir crazy at home, and he was just a captive audience that day!

My son has a new job--he's going to be lifeguarding at Ocean Breeze Water Park. Chase will be 18 in three weeks...and starts his training next week. I wish I could say that he wants this job so he can help families have a great, safe vacation--but, I suspect it has a little more to do with the laaaa-dies in bikinis....

Eleven days till graduation--and going back to "my life." It's starting to go by fast, now!

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April 20, 2008 at 1:58 PM delete

Well its about time we heard from you! I was wondering if you got tapped or something! I know you can't wait till its over with. Hang in there!

This Momma
April 23, 2008 at 12:24 AM delete

I think you're choice of working the econ & business gallies are wise. The chances of getting first class are nil...I've never gotten to. I totally agree w/ you...I'm a galley girl too. This way you'll learn how to do the two positions that often get juniored down to you and you'll actually know how to do it and sounds like you enjoy it. That's what happened to me over and over and I learned that I loved the position. I do a Munich trip at the end of May and I'm hoping to do galley...although it's been over 5 years since I've done international.

Congrats on making it this far. Almost done...and you'll be in the "real" world. Hope to run into you on the line! I had one of your trainers on a flt recently and she knew who you were. Can't remember her name.