In Sacramento, still!

July 15, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

I'm in my hotel room in Sacramento (SMF). We arrived last night, with a 15 hour layover. I slept in a bit, and we were scheduled to leave the hotel at noon. So, there I was, in the lobby of the hotel, in full Company regalia, schleppin' my suitcase, checking out of my room, and waiting for my other two Flight Attendants. And waiting. And waiting. (Flight Attendants are rarely late.) They were nowhere to be found.

While I was...uh...waiting, I was on the phone with Norm, who had looked at my schedule online, and saw that my flight was delayed by a couple of hours. Huh??? I did not know a thing about it. It is not right that he knew about our delay and I did not!

I'm going to go with it being a slight oversight...but the Purser did not call me to tell me we were delayed. In fact, she tried to tell me that the Crew Desk called the #3 Flight Attendant and that she (the #3) was supposed to call me. Anyway, we were delayed and our new hotel departure time was going to be 2:40.

I trudged back up to my room, after checking back in, again. Got into my comfy clothes and signed online to look at my schedule. And saw in the notes that the Company had contacted the Purser, who advised them that she would be calling me to let me know. And didn't. Then tried to fudge the truth.

Like I said, I'm going to chalk it up to an oversight and let it go. Especially now that I have posted it. I feel better. And slightly magnanimous.

And, we are delayed, we leave the hotel at 4 p.m. This time I got a phone call--from our Purser. So, in search of lunch, I walked around the downtown Sacramento area for a little bit--lots of little restaurants and such.

We leave for Chicago around 5:30 and will stay the night there. Tomorrow we deadhead back to Washington on the 777. In Business. Ni-iiice!