Ist dieses wie kühl?***

August 02, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

***How cool is this?

I just received my Reserve assignment--I am going to Frankfurt tonight! River Main Festival is going on this weekend, and I think it is relatively close to the hotel--so, I am looking forward to that! Here is what one website says about the Mainfest:

Germany loves its street festivals and this is a great example of a traditional festival with sausages, spit-roasted beef and big wheels. This public celebration has taken place on the Römerberg since the Middle Ages. Snack bars, beer tents and amusement rides stretch for miles between Paulsplatz and the River Main. The river itself is a dazzling array of boats illuminated by multicolored lanterns. The highlights of the event are the fishing competition, windsurfing tournament and firework display.

Beer tents and, I LOOOOOOVE my job!

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Oh I love Fra, have a ball eats lots of meat. Love the pork knuckle with fresh horseradish ...yumm...oh and not to forget the beer. Have fun!