Celebs, Bar Baby, and Friends Come to Visit

August 28, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

This past Saturday, I had a trip--flew from Washington, DC to Denver and we had newsman Ted Koppel onboard in First. Very nice man, heading to the Democratic National Convention. (I know you want to know, so.....he had the chicken salad for lunch.)

After a long sit in Denver, we flew to San Diego for the layover. One of the Flight Attendants, a crazy Brazilian, and I went over to the Gaslamp Quarter and watched the world go by from a patio restaurant with a couple glasses of wine. (I say crazy because she insisted on picking up the check--telling me that her husband had repeatedly cheated on her, and this was his credit card and that now he had to pay for everything she did--that would be her revenge....) Anyway, the weather was perfect--as is usually the case in San Diego, the wine was relaxing, and the company was insane! (I really didn't need to know about the uh...for-hire women her husband hangs out with, TMI*...!! )

The next afternoon, we flew from San Diego back to Washington, DC and had Ted Koppel's CNN reporter-daughter, Andrea Koppel on our flight. (Okay, okay....pretzels and Diet Coke.)

While I was on my trip, the Little Prince was in Norm's able hands. After a little yard work, the boys went out--to the VFW.

(Note to all who wonder about this baby sitting at a bar--the bar was closed. No minors were served in the execution of this photo.)

Since Norm had a beer while they were there, the LP apparently was the designated driver. (Yep, my baby's a team player--that's how he rolls!)

On Tuesday, my old friend Linda, her husband Dave, and daughter Shannon, came to visit for a couple of days. They went on a White House tour, which they said was great. saw the monuments and a little of the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. They packed a lot into a couple of days!! They very best part of their trip for me was just sitting around my kitchen table, sharing stories and margaritas last night!

Linda & Dave sent Norm & me a colossal fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements--this picture doesn't do it justice--it was almost too big to put into my refrigerator--I had to move a couple of shelves to squeeze it in! And, the fruit was really fresh and sweet--it was totally not necessary, but definitely appreciated!

I so enjoyed their visit--good friends and perfect houseguests!

I am off work for a couple of days--I suspect I will be at my favorite place for the time off: right here at home!

*TMI=too much information!

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August 31, 2008 at 7:41 AM delete

Is Ted Koppel still ALIVE?? Well, I guess so if he was being served! Off to Memphis, then to Middle Tennessee, then to Duck to see the Doc. Maybe you will come down? E.