Had to fire my Guest Blogger today...

September 04, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

Our little grey kitty, Spikey was slated to be my Guest Blogger this week while I was busy, busy, busy...and what a surprise when I found her sleeping on the job! The slacker!! You can't get good help anymore these days! Last time I saw her, she was heading for the unemployment line...and I will not give her a good reference!

I've been off work for a few days--I have a toe injury that requires I not wear closed-toe shoes until it is healed. And, you can't wear open-toe shoes and be a flight attendant, so I will be off until the beginning of next week. (Can you tell how sad I am?? Not!)

You may have heard, my airline announced it was going to run a test market with some of our European flights. We were going to charge our customers in coach $9 for a meal on these flights! (The same one they were getting for free before...) The thought of this--and the logistics--seemed impossible for the Flight Attendants. One of our planes, a 747, has 310 passengers in the village (coach)..... Yes! THREE HUNDRED AND TEN! That's a small town! Just trying to figure out how this was going to happen...with the same (or fewer) Flight Attendants, and our passengers had to get their meal while still hot, and their change back from a twenty dollar bill--well, it just seemed nearly impossible in my mind! Fortunately, the feedback the Company received was so negative that they decided not to move forward with that plan. But, make no mistake. It will come in the next couple of years--whether to my airline first or another--and it will become the standard. (Just another free prediction from Blondie-damas!)

Here at home, for the last couple of weeks, we have been greeted with the sound of heavy equipment banging away starting at 7 a.m. and going all day. The Metro parking lot in my backyard is being replaced with condos, apartments and some retail and commercial spaces. (Norm and I are hoping we end up with a good Thai restaurant or pub there!)Anyway, my view is changing and this is what it has been for the last two years: cars, cars, cars--and brightly shining parking lot lights at night....

Currently, this is our view! For now, no more cars, and no more parking lot lights shining in our eyes when we sit out on the deck! This is a huge project and will be ongoing for a few years. Oh, joy....

Tomorrow, I am driving down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a couple of days. My Dad is flying in from San Antonio and will be in Duck for a few days. And, my Cousin Liz and her two kids are driving in from Arkansas to spend the week there. I'll swing by Virginia Beach and pick up my sister Donna and then we'll drive down the 90 miles just in time for the leftovers of Hurricane Hanna! Promises to be a great weekend, even if we are house-bound because of the storm! (It's always a great day in Duck!)

Since I can't trust my cat to blog for me, I'll have my laptop and camera with me. I'll be sure to post before we hit Margaritaville!


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September 5, 2008 at 4:42 AM delete

Good God! That would be hellish! I knew there's a reason why I don't work coach ..... :p