A princely "vuh-vuh-vuh...visit"!

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The Little Prince and his parents came for the weekend. They drove up from Virginia Beach and were able to be here in time for dinner. We packed up and headed over to Generous George's Positive Pizza and Pasta Place--Liam's favorite pizza!

I really enjoyed Brendyn practicing his alphabet sounds--he's in kindergarten and he would sound out the letter "B" by saying "buh-buh-buh..." then he'd pick a word that started with that sound: "buh-buh-buh....balloon!" We did that all weekend--so ladies, watch out! Not only is he fabulously handsome, he is amazingly smart!

The Little Prince with his Chief of Security, Director of Lego Building, and King of all the Land, "duh, duh, duh...Dad!

Having been appointed the Entertainment Czar, I took the LP and his entourage to see Madagascar 2, Escape 2 Africa. LOVED that movie! We all did!

Of course, I had to take him to get a couple of toys. Ask him what his Mimi's job is, he will tell you "to spoil me wotten!" He is, of course, absolutely correct!

The Queen is having her 29th birthday on Wednesday. We wanted to celebrate it this weekend, while they were here in town. I asked my friend Taneesha to make her a birthday cake. I gave her a picture of our cat, Spikey and asked if she could make a cake with that.

Spikey is particularly important to Liam and Jen...they rescued her the first night that they met from a very busy road. Jen called me a couple of days later to say she couldn't keep the kitty, but did I want to take her. I said "no" and that was the end of that. Uh huh....I called her back the next day and acquiesced. A couple of days later, we did the big "kitty hand-off" and that ended up being the first day I met Liam, too. So, Jen has always had a particular interest in this kitty cat.

After loading up on the goods at Target, Brendyn and I stopped by Taneesha's. She was working on the Spikey cake, with smudges of frosting on her face, cake batter on her shoulder--she was a muh, muh, muh...mess!

She had Brendyn helping to decorate.

Fuh-fuh, fuh...fun!

Here's the cake--Bren decided we were celebrating his Mom's "Meow Day" instead of her birthday!

Doesn't the cake look great? I think so! That's a star-shaped Care Bears candle in the right hand corner.

(I took this picture from the top looking down so it sorta looks out of proportion--it wasn't.)

I think it is perfect!!  Here's the picture I gave Taneesha:

While Taneesha was getting showered and dressed, Brendyn was able to decorate some cupcakes she had made, using the piping bag and colored frosting leftover from the cake. He put a stripe here, a blob there--and was able to proclaim to me, "Mimi, this was the best day EVER!"

I'll take it!

Later, at Chili's, we had dinner and cake and presents....

The Queen with her young Prince.

This morning was hot muffins and fresh fruit before they left to go home. The young Prince was excited about his new camouflage-colored Crocs..and even more excited to decorate them with the Jibbitz from Uncle Mike.



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November 10, 2008 at 7:28 AM delete

Wow! What a great job Taneesha did on the meow kitty cake! Auh, Auh, Amazing! The love you show for you LP is so special. Can't wait to meet him next year!

November 10, 2008 at 9:20 AM delete

Oh my guh-guh-guh gosh! Taneesha is amazing! That cake is fantastic. What talent. The LP is pretty darn cute, too.

November 11, 2008 at 6:47 PM delete

Your story telling is absolutely wuh wuh wonderful!! I love reading your blogs! U ruh ruh rock!! And Brendyn is sooooo photogenic!! CUH CUH COOL!!! I'm still not speaking to u thu thu though!!