A nice surprise, for a change!

July 03, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

On Wednesday night, just before midnight, The Voice called to give me a trip. Well, if the Crew Desk is calling at midnight, that can only mean one thing: I have to be at work at oh-dark-thirty, right???

WRONG!!!! The Voice called to give me a three day trip, with a sign-in time of 11:19 the next day--eleven hours notice!! Ni-ice! I just hope that is a trend with the Crew Desk that will continue...it was definitely a good surprise!

Yesterday, I did an Orlando (MCO) turn...while inflight, the Captain called and said he had a "love note" from the Crew desk for me. Via ACARS, I was being notified that my scheduled trip was being changed. Instead of going to Denver (DEN) I was going back to Washington (IAD), then to ORD for the 18 hour overnight.

Today, I'm working one leg to San Francisco (SFO) on a 767-my favorite aircraft to work-with a 14 hour layover. Tomorrow, one leg back to IAD and I should be home in time to see the fireworks.

Not a bad lil' trip!