The World's Worst Gate Agent Finally Located!

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Behold this very bad photograph (I have airbrushed out the face )....please note it is of a woman working the gate that my grandbaby arrived at last week.

Now, why would I take a picture of a gate agent in an airport? Simply because she is the single worst airline employee I have ever encountered in my life. Her piss-poor attitude, demeaning tone and overall surliness are unparalleled.

My precious six year old grandson had to sit on a plane and wait for almost 30 minutes because she did not call for an escort for my unaccompanied minor (UM). That's all she had to do--was pick up the phone, right there at her podium, and press a couple of buttons and move her mouth and make sound come out. Easy-peasy, right?

Not that she didn't know he was on his way there--I checked to see which of the doorways he'd be arriving through (there are two at this particular gate) before he landed. I realize that having to actually mutter a few words can be exhausting for her--and she could have merely pointed to the correct doorway if talking was too much. After waiting about 10 minutes after all the other passengers had deplaned, I had the colossal nerve to ask her if I could get an update on my UM. The very loud sigh she exhaled and the eye rolling must have really worn her out--but she was able to finally mutter "He's on the plane." (Well, no shit, Sherlock.)

Not that she had anyone else in line at her podium. Not that there was tons of paperwork that needed to be done to get the little boy off the aircraft. Not that she was studying the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Not that I was asking her to do something unsafe or out of her job description. She was just standing there--not even tap-tap-tapping on the computer--just standing there like a huge, useless bump on a log.

You know, I could forgive it if this was unusual--but, I see this agent almost every time I am at my base here in Washington. And, she is always the same.

Yep, I have located the world's worst airline gate agent. And, I sure hope you don't have to ever, ever, ever deal with her.

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Oh, man...that sucks!!Your poor little grandson!! I'm sure he was very happy to see you!!

July 2, 2009 at 7:08 AM delete

Write her ass up!