Love comes in just one text message

January 13, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

I think we've all seen the pictures on TV and online.  And the words we keep hearing over and over again just cannot convey the utter devastation that is the country of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake: catastrophic, tragic, horrific and despair.  I fear there are few words that can describe what has happened and is happening to the people of Haiti.

Longtime readers may recall that two years ago I went to Haiti for the briefest of time--about an hour--long enough to get off an airplane, collect a baby at the chaotic airport and get back on the plane to take the baby to the US to receive much needed surgery.  And, I know that what little I saw was the poorest of the poor.

They desperately need our help.  Please consider donating to a reputable organization.  And be careful out there-there will be e-mails and links and bogus websites set up to scam us.  Type in the address yourself.  Type in or  It doesn't matter what organization you choose, just type in the letters yourself.  MSNBC is reporting that fake sites are popping up all over Twitter and Facebook and they are also skewing the search engines.  Don't rely on the links--type the web address yourself and carefully.  (Common typing errors when putting in a web address will take you to a bogus site, as well.)

You can go to and on the left side, scroll down and you will see "Aid response-How you can help"  Many organizations are listed there--with many ways to help.  Here's an easy one--and it is listed on you can do in the US*, and it is immediate.  From your cell phone, text the word HAITI to 90999.  It will contribute $10 to the American Red Cross and it will become a significant source of aid if so many of us do this--so please pass it on.  (Doing this does not affect your minutes or your usage--it merely adds $10 to your next cell phone bill.)

One text message--just one--filled with love.  Do it now.


*In Canada text 'Haiti' to 45678 Rogers or Bell