Snowmageddon? Snowpocalypse??

February 09, 2010 1 Comments A+ a-

Here in the Washington, DC area, we received about 30 inches of snow this past weekend.  That's more than we usually get in a season!   We lost electricity for 12 hours.  It about killed me!  I was able to access the Internet every now and then for a few minutes at a time using my cell phone.  Fortunately, we have a gas fireplace and stove so we stayed warm and fed.  This is our street after the storm, and our house.

Our backyard--the fence is six feet tall....

My beautiful neighbor, Beth took this picture, in the park next to our street...gorgeous!

Tomorrow, we are expected to get another 10-20 inches of snow.  Hopefully, I'll get a trip before it all starts and will have a fabulous layover someplace warm!  If you're going to be around for the white stuff, I've enclosed a very helpful map:

Update:  My airline has cancelled most of our afternoon flights.  While I was hoping to watch the storm from Sao Paulo, Zurich or London, it looks like I'll be watching it from my husband's La-Z-Boy chair!


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Kevin Zuzu
February 9, 2010 at 8:41 PM delete

And people from Michigan call that an "Average winter weekend!" Haha. Where I'm from we got well over 100 inches a year on average. Of course, now a days, I complain when its in the lower 70s. :)