Vegas, Baby!

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The Crew Desk called at 2:53 a.m. for a 7:07 sign-in. I'm working one leg Washington (IAD)-Los Angeles (LAX), and deadheading back in the same day. Long day, for sure.

When I arrived at work, I found that the Reserve gods were smiling on me. My trip had been changed:

20D &    xxx 02 IADLAS 1040=1234= 2449        00   00  748
57X      xxx 03 LASORD 1323=1830=  156  331  307  307
20D      xxx:03 ORDMSP 2026=2141= 1601  132  115  422  714
20D      xxx:04 MSPORD 1342=1445=  148  121  103  103
67I      xxx 04 ORDIAD 1633=1925=   00  145  152  255  556

This is a deadhead to Las Vegas (LAS) layover 24:49.  

The next afternoon, work two legs, LAS-Chicago (ORD), then ORD to Minneapolis (MSP), layover 16:01.

The third day work two legs back MSP-ORD-IAD.  


I flew with several people on this trip, but Sandy was the one Flight Attendant who had the exact same trip as me.  And, fortunately for me, she was a hoot to fly with, and fun to hang out with!

After arriving at our layover hotel, I went to the restaurant to get a bite to eat.  Our hotel has a little casino, and after lunch, I just couldn't resist.  I played $5 on the nickel and penny slots.  I went back to my room with this:

A quick nap later, then Sandy and I met in the lobby and walked over to Caesar's Palace.
We shopped at the Forum Shops at Caesar's.   Sandy bought her kids Easter presents there.  I used to get Peeps and colored Easter eggs--her daughter got a new Coach purse and her son a Diesel watch!  
We had dinner at Spago, Wolfgang Puck's restaurant.  We both got individual pizzas and shared them..  The pizza margherita and the Greek pizzas were to die for good!

Cleopatra and Marc Antony were hanging out by the fountain....

A bride and groom at the blackjack table.

Behind one of the area of gaming tables was Pussycat Dolls themed--with a couple of cages and dancers behind the blackjack tables.

While at Caesar's, we played some slots.  I'm such a big spender...once again, it was the nickel and penny slots.  And, yes, the machine I won the most from was this one-Kitty Glitter.

(Sorry they're so grainy--these pics are from my cell phone.)

I'm happy to say, I brought most of my winnings home!

The walk back to our hotel.  I soooo love Las Vegas--the lights, the energy, the vibe, the buzz!

We both wanted to go see Donny and Marie--but, they were taking some time off when we were there.

Arriving back at our casino, we added to the night's winnings.  When we checked into the hotel, we were given  coupons for $10 match play.  We played the roulette table, and I turned my $10 into $75.

(You do know that this means the next time I go to LAS that I better stay waaaaa-ay far away from the slot machines and table.)

The rest of the trip was unremarkable. Which, in our business, is truly not a bad thing!


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April 15, 2010 at 6:02 PM delete

I also love Las Vegas Layovers! Lot's of flight attendants don't but I like to people watch... shop... eat, etc. Looks like it was a fun trip!