July 23, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Flew to Anchorage on Friday--flew on my company to LAX, then "jumpseated" on Delta from LAX to ANC. It is called "jumpseating" but we don't actually sit in the jumpseat--we sit in an unused passenger seat in the cabin.

The gate agent at LAX said "No way are you going to get on this flight--it is oversold!" (Not like I had anything else to do while they finished boarding, so I sat there.) They boarded everyone and started calling a woman's name--paging her for a long time--7 or 8 minutes (which is a lot in airline time.) The flight was already delayed 20 minutes or thing you know, they called me up and gave me her seat! Suh-weet! And, it was an aisle seat!! (Lesson learned: never leave the gate area until the jet bridge is pulled away from the aircraft!)

After sleeping in on Saturday morning, I went to the Glacier Brewhouse for lunch, then walked over to the Anchorage Market and shopped a bit. It was about 70 degrees and gorgeous! The flowers that bloom in Alaska are just stunning. These were flowers all over downtown Anchorage.

They have wild salmon on parade all over downtown Anchorage--this one is called "Midsummer Night's Stream."