Best Laid Plans....

August 21, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

The best laid plans usually go awry....

I was planning on being done with my trip at 9 in the morning yesterday--as we were leaving NW Arkansas, Chicago ATC issued a "ground stop." A ground stop is when the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system has too much traffic to handle and they do not let any airplanes heading to Chicago take off--usually happens when they slow the arrivals down because of weather, which was the case for us. So, we ended up being delayed for an hour. Got into Chicago at 10 am.

Then tried to go home. The stand-by gods had other plans for me, though. I ended up getting on the 5th flight to Washington, DC, which got me home at 11 p.m. I was so tired, so cranky, so wound up...

I did buy a book and am about halfway finished reading it--it is very good: The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

Nice about this past trip--we were flying on my birthday Sunday, and my #1 Flight Attendant, Steve, made an announcement and the passengers spontaneously started singing "Happy Birthday" to me! I brought tears to my eyes, soooo sweet! So, if you were on my flight that day, thank you very, very much!

Home today, working on switching around a couple of trips for September. We just got our "bid awards" yesterday--our schedules for September. I had a two day trip the first week of September, which I was able to get someone to take for me. We have the use of my Dad's beach house in Duck, NC...which is north of Kitty Hawk and south of Norfolk, VA. Hopefully a couple of my friends can come and play for a few days--Shelby and her husband, Jack may join us over the Labor Day weekend; possibly my friend, Deb and her husband. My daughter, Jennifer said she'd be down after the weekend...and bringing my amazing 4 year old grandson!!

Big travel month for me in September! First, Duck....then Kona, Hawaii. Norman and I are joining his best friend, Jimmy and his girlfriend, Linda, at a condo there. I have never been--and will probably start getting excited about it after we get back from Duck.

In the meantime, I am a slug today, recovering from my trip and getting some things around the house done.