Paris, again!

August 15, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

So, Casey and I headed to Paris a couple of weeks ago. Our flight from Boston had over a hundred seats available, and we sat in Business Class. Ni-ice! We took the Air France bus to get to our hotel , which was across the street from the Place d'Italie Metro. (Casey works for a major hotel chain and we used her discount for the room: 5 nights for about $200...suh-weet! It's the perfect part-time job for a Flight Attendant--matches our flight bennies!))
It was cool and overcast with bouts of rain. It was cooler in Paris than it was in Alaska when I was there! Our first day there, after getting settled in the hotel and having a nap, we explored our little neighborhood and got a pizza to eat and found a grocery store. The next morning, we headed up towards the tourist area of the Latin Quarter. We walked, it rained, we stopped at Starbucks, and waited for it to subside. We had a lovely day, but walked a total of 7 hours that day! By the time we got back to the hotel, we were beat!

Saw this sign in a window--for a hip replacement!
After determining that a chocolate crepe in Paris contains ZERO calories, we indulged!
Having never done it before, we took the bateau down the Seine for a night view of all the tourist hot spots. Glad we had our jackets, because it was chilly! The same time last year when we were there was in the middle of a heat wave!
The next day, we went to Disneyland Paris! It was not crowded, probably because of the rain. It stopped and we enjoyed the day there. We did Alice's Labyrinth (that was fun, actually!) and rode Space Mountain--front car after only a 10 minute wait! That ride was much better than the Space Mountain in Orlando! (Or, could it have been because I was in the front car??)

This is Aurora's castle--from Sleeping Beauty (not Cinderella's!)
It is beautiful!
Chesire Cat from Alice's Labyrinth

We called this the Hookah Dude, at Alice's Albyrinth.
Does the Hookah Dude at US Disney Parks smoke? We found that odd!

Hookah Dude takin' a drag...

Who doesn't love the Teacups?

And, compass roses pointing the way to other Disney Parks when we were leaving.

Casey's Hot Dog joint on Main Street