Bad weather in Texas

September 11, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Tough weather in DFW the last couple of days--one of our turns to Little Rock and back cancelled on Sunday. Yesterday, my trip finished in DFW (I didn't take the deadhead to Chicago, my base, just decided to go home from Dallas.) My 7:30 pm flight to Washington cancelled--and all the other flights--to Baltimore, Washington Dulles and Washington Reagan, were delayed by 3-4 hours. Long, long night in the airport.

I was tired of being in my uniform--so I slipped into the bathroom and changed into my street clothes. Headed to TGI Fridays and had a nice glass of wine and waited. (No wine in uniform, of course!)

The equipment (airplane) arrived at 11 pm, I was good with the standby list (meaning, I would get on, at least in the jumpseat.) I ended up getting a seat in First--so that was great! We arrived in Washington at 3:20 in the morning--I was home by 4 and to bed shortly thereafter.

Tomorrow, I head back to Dallas. I chair the Hotel Committee for the Flight Attendants in my base, and all of the base chairs are getting together and meeting the Company. My Company works well with us on the hotels. They are responsive to our issues and I don't have much to complain about--we have a very good working relationship with them. I'll be there overnight, then back the next night. Then, a quick overnight in Lexington, KY on Friday--and done until the end of the month.

Hawaii, here we come! Let's see, I need to get a pedicure, maybe a new bathing suit, I did find these cute little shoes....