Late to Lexington

September 16, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

Going to work this week, the flights were packed! I rode the jumpseat to Chicago--not so bad for an hour and a half flight.

Once at work, our plane was late getting to us, coming from Champaign, IL. I waited at the gate for about 30 minutes, just from being bored in the crew lounge. Once we got onboard, my Captain found a mechanical issue that had to be dealt with. After another hour's delay with the mechanics onboard, we changed planes and boarded our passengers. We settled in and were ready to go--only to watch as all the rampers "clocked out" and headed for the employee bus. So, there was just a skeleton staff left to get us and all the other flights out for the night. It was another hour before we left Chicago! Instead of getting in at 10:30 pm as scheduled, we arrived at 12:45 a.m!

Nothing special about our stay in Lexington: except my bed has SIX pillows! Ni-iiice!

As we departed LEX the next afternoon, we did a "U turn" over the field once airborne, and I was able to see the whole layout of the airport. It was a sad reminder of my colleagues on Comair 5191, who died August 27, 2006, when they attempted to take-off from the wrong runway--one that was too short for their plane. Of the 50 passengers and 3 crew members onboard that morning, only the First Officer survived.