Floppy Headed Baby

October 27, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

I was flying #2 on my last trip--I sit in the back of the plane. Last flight of the night to IND (Indianapolis) and we had a woman onboard who spoke NO English and was carrying her baby boy--he looked to be about a year old. It seems they had been traveling for a long time....and the baby appeared to be drugged. His head was in the crook of her arm and she just kept moving around and his head was loosely swinging back and forth--she appeared to have no concern about that and his little head just kept flopping about as she moved around.

Apparently, she ran out of diapers. She was adamant in her tone and gestures that I get one for her. We do not carry diapers onboard. Fortunately for the baby, there was a woman onboard with a younger baby. I asked her if she would spare this woman a diaper, and she very generously did.

It seems that the little boy had soiled his pants....and did not have a diaper on to begin with. His "liquid run-off" was caught, unbeknownst to me at the time, by a quilted diaper bag. I gave the woman the teeny-tiny diaper from the generous lady, (she didn't even attempt to say thank-you--not even a smile or a nod of her head--nuthin'!) and she went into the lavatory to change him. I had already put down the changing table, and she carried her baby in there, head floppin' all over--like a cow's tail switching at flies--and changed him.

One of the things I have to do is make sure no one is in the lav just prior to landing....so, when told to prepare for landing, I popped the door open, as required. Can't say I was surprised, but there was a large, poopy rag, laying on the floor of the lav. Gross!

After everyone deplaned, I noticed the lady had left her diaper bag under the seat. Probably so busy taking care of her baby and she forgot, right? So, I, being "Super Stew," grabbed it to run after her and return it. Imagine my surprise when I reached for it and received a hand full of "no-longer-warm-liquid-baby-run-off." She had emptied it out (except for the run-off) and left it for someone else to clean up! Ni-iiiiice!