Zappos vs. Shoebuy

November 25, 2007 0 Comments A+ a-

I already own a pair of these shoes--love, love, love them! They are so comfortable for my big @ss feet, and easy to go through airport security with ...just slip 'em off then slip 'em back on.

Well, it is time to replace these shoes...they are getting a bit worn looking. So, I went to my favorite shoe site, Zappo's and they are $73.95. A fair price, I suppose, since they fit my huge feet, are comfortable, I wear them all the time and they look great, too. Then, I checked Shoebuy with their 20% Thanksgiving discount, I was able to buy TWO pairs of this shoe (one in black suede, the other in brown leather) for $80.98!!

God bless capitalism and the Internet!