Yaaaaa-ay ME! Mostly!

February 20, 2008 2 Comments A+ a-

Well, I am very excited! Mostly, anyway!

I was offered training for a mainline carrier yesterday. I start next month.

Mixed emotions about this: I give up serious seniority (holidays/weekends off, ability to take days off pretty much when I wanted) and go back on Reserve. For FIVE years! (Shoot me now!) I will be able to see my family in 2016, I think!

And, I love the base where I am now--I know a lot of people, have an awesome Inflight Manager. (For you non-airline types, the words "awesome" and "Inflight Manager" generally do NOT combine!) I've been able to work on special projects, effect some change for the better for a flight attendants with my work on the Hotel Committee; work with some really fun & interesting people; and see many parts of the country that most people don't get to take the time to see.

The mainline carrier (American Airlines--BIG planes) that owns my airline (American Eagle-little planes) announced plans to "divest" our little airline. That puts my retirement flight benefits into a precarious situation--generally, you work for an airline for at least 10 years and turn 55, you can retire with lifetime flight benefits. I have enjoyed immensely the international flight benefits at AA, but will more than likely lose them if we are sold/divested/whatevered.

So, I am moving on. And the thought occurs to me that with all the airline mergers that are in the works, I could be furloughed and completely out of a job in 6 months. (sigh....)

The great news is I won't have to "commute" back and forth to Chicago, will fly internationally, and won't have to listen to you people getting on my plane and making comments about how small it is! ("Honey, the 747 to Evansville leaves in an hour....")

So, I am excited, nervous, happy and sad. I was composing my resignation letter this morning and started bawlin' like a baby! I DO think Flight Attendant friendships transcend geography, and pick up right where we left off when we do get back together--so I am happy for that.

Nervous about training--one screw up and "buh-bye!" They send you packing.

Excited about flying different airplanes--ALWAYS flying with a couple other Flight Attendants, never alone--and most excited about international opportunities.

Yaaaaa-ay ME!



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Mom in 2
February 23, 2008 at 9:44 PM delete

Congratulations on your new job! I know it must be tough to sort of start over again but as you know with airline jobs, things happen for a reason. The reasons here are all good! Yeah for you.

March 3, 2008 at 7:38 PM delete

Congrats! I'm excited for you! You always do so well, and I know you'll be the best here, too!