Nerds in Narita

April 24, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

Konichiwa from Narita! We had a great flight over yesterday--on the 777--I worked in coach going over and had a blast with the other Flight Attendants. They showed all of us soooo much, and did a great job with our passengers, and we all had a fun flight.

We arrived around 3:30 p.m. which was 1:3o in the morning for us--I was exhausted and ready to go to sleep right away. One of the Flight Attendants reminded us, "Do NOT touch the bed!" So, after checking into the hotel, which is near the airport (I can see it out of my window) most of us took a quick shower and met downstairs for a drink.

The little cafeteria in the hotel is for crews only, I has a little cheaper menu items than the regular restaurant--I had chicken teriyaki. There is a beer dispensing machine that, after you pay the cashier, you just put your cold mug under the spout and press a button. The machine picks up the glass, turns it to a perfect angle, and pours a beer. Then, it straightens it up and dispenses one last "splurt" to leave a foamy head. And, it was a pretty good little beer--but I don't drink much beer, so, I only had a half of one.

Then we headed into town. With the exception of the airport, there are no ATMs that take our American ATM cards. And, the place we were going didn't take credit cards. Fortunately, there was a change machine at the hotel, which gave yens for dollars. I only had $20 on me--and had a few yen to go out with. But, I'll know next time to get cash at the airport, and not count on the hotel to have an ATM machine for overseas cards.

We ended up at a place called "The Cage." This is a karaoke bar that is not much bigger than my hotel room! Other crews from other airlines showed up--we partied with a FedEx crew and a Qantas crew. (FedEx=no fun, Qantas="Oh no, we're gonna get in trouble here!") One of our Flight Attendants, John, loves to sing karaoke...and he did--well as all the other people that were there. I am the only one in the joint, besides the "Master" that didn't sing. (The Master is the bartender.) Here he is wearing a Captain's hat from the now defunct Aloha Airlines.

John with Frieda, a lady that works there and her job is to sing songs with people when they want her to....

Hector crooning a Billy Joel tune....

John and "Vinam, the Phenom"

John goofing while Vinam channels Frank Sinatra with his rendition of "My Way."

Jonas met his fashion twin half a world away!

And this is Keelan. My precious, precious Keelan. He really got into his song...

We all had fun, and took a taxi back to the hotel where I fell asleep immediately, after being awake for 34 hours.

And, this morning is quiet for me. We have a 2:30 bus to the airport....most of my classmates have gone off to the Temple for a little touring today. Instead of the sight seeing, I ordered room service and am watching the Charlie Gibson on the news. Add a nap before my shower, and that sounds like a very good plan for me!


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Reminds me of a time I was in Narita at the Karaoke bar and an Aeroflot crew came in. Another drunken night in NRT. Glad you had fun!