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September 22, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

We had friends visiting last week, and in one of the Washington, DC souvenir shops, I saw this magnetic Obama Mix and Match wardrobe! Love the super hero outfit! And, I wonder if his abs really look like that.....

They didn't have a Sarah Palin mix and match wardrobe--but her face was plastered on a gazillion other things....

Miss Emmie made herself comfortable in a box I was going to put into the trash....
Skinny Minnie, I mean my protein powder, soy bean eatin' sister Donna, actually ordered that chocolate dessert thing on the left. Mine was a creme brulee. We met in Richmond, VA (halfway between my house in Alexandria and hers in Virginia Beach) for lunch and a little shopping.

My Dad arrived from San Antonio last night to be with me through this surgery. This is the image of him I grew up with---drinking his coffee and reading the morning paper.

I never knew you read the comic page, Dad!!

Only one word for the lilies Casey sent me: glorious!

Look at that big ol' yawn! This is the kind of day I hope to have today!
My surgery is tomorrow...I will be out of commission for a bit. Since my cat doesn't do a very good job of it, I have asked my sister to be my Guest Blogger and update everyone on things.

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Best of luck, I am sure all will be fine, have her keep us updated. Glad your family is with you. XOXOX Duncan.