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November 25, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

I received a couple of e-mails from my friends this week, and thought I'd share them.
This one from my friend, Steve the Pilot:

As some of you may know, last night my phone had an unfortunate accident. It was incinerated. (The remains were buried today unceremoniously in the garbage.) Apparently as I bent down to put some kindling in a bag to take inside, my phone fell out of my shirt pocket and into the bag without me noticing. Once inside, I put the bag and all it's contents (wood or otherwise) into the fireplace and lit it. I knew something was amiss when after the fire got going I heard a mini explosion and a popping-hissing noise (which is apparently why batteries are not to be disposed of in a fire!) Anyway, as a result, the phone and all the numbers I had stored on the phone are now Gone With the Fire!

Hate it when that happens!!

Here is one from my Flight Attendant friend, Debbie, who is due to give birth to her baby at Christmas time:

So…I’ve been procrastinating on getting my bag for the hospital ready to go. This week I went to Walmart and got a few things that people have recommended I have on hand like Tucks and Maxi pads and stool softener for when the baby and I get home. I figured, I prefer to have these things ready in case I need them rather than have to send Corey out for any of it later. I’m sure he appreciates it too.

I was watching Oprah the other day and some doctor had a simple remedy to get rid of cracked heels. She said to take Stridex pads and wipe the heels, then put on a good crème lotion and a pair of socks and sleep like that overnight. She swore that within a week your heels would be smooth. So I figured I’d try it while I could still reach my heels (I haven’t been able to reach my toes for a while now)

So I picked that stuff up at Walmart, too. That night I cut the toes off of a pair of old socks (I can’t stand to have my feet covered when I’m sleeping) and for the last two days I’ve been following doctor’s orders right before bed (I keep the stuff in my nightstand)…

This morning as I’m in the shower I’m looking at my heels and thinking “not much of a change yet….but she did say to give it a week.” And resolve myself to do just that. Five minutes later, I’m getting ready to brush my teeth and realize that the container in the medicine cabinet is the Stridex and I’ve been wiping my heels with the Tucks for the last 2 days!!! At least I know I’m covered if my heels experience any inflammation!

I love my friends! They keep me in stitches!

One last thing for today....a wine tip! I was perusing the Pioneer Woman's web site, and she featured Pastor Ryan with some wine tips. Here's one I never thought of before, and it makes perfect sense! (Are you listening, Dad??)

"Don’t ice it down, grape it down - Got some slow sippers on your hands or maybe you just want to take things to the next level of awesome? Drop some frozen grapes into the wine to keep it chilled. You would never want to put ice into the wine as it would water it down, but the grapes will do the trick and maintain the integrity of the wine. They taste great at the end of a glass as well."
Grape Cubes by detzelpretzel.


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November 25, 2008 at 5:28 PM delete

And just how many grapes would one need to fill a "Shelby" Glass o' Wine???? ROFLMAO!

TBH puts ice in his wine and it curls my toe.. =)