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I think we had our last frost of the season this past week, and that basically, it is going to be warm going forward. 78 degrees and gorgeous today, and we were out in the yard--pulling weeds, and putting out my baby tomato plants. I just love this time of year--the greening of the plants and the life that just pops in color.

The hydrangeas have come out of hibernation--during the winter they were just scraggly sticks. In a few weeks, there will be big, puffy flowers all over.

The Dutch Irises are coming up...
The azaleas are close to blooming...

The pansies provided color all this winter and struggled right at the end--we had a pretty long cold winter. They have found their 'second wind' and they'll be coming out of the ground in a couple of weeks and replaced.
The tulips bloomed right as the daffodils were saying sayonara. Tulips are my favorite flowers.
These tulips, planted at the beginning of March against everyone's advice, are coming in as the second wave. I bought these bulbs on my last trip to Amsterdam (AMS). They remind me of some of the cool people I have flown with at my airline.
By far, my most favorite part of our yard are the two cherry trees we have. This is the first time I have seen them bloom. Three years ago, when they were planted, it was too late in the season to see the blooms. Last year at this time, I was in Barbie Boot Camp in Chicago.

It's like a personal Cherry Blossom Festival in my own backyard!