Pics from my camera

September 29, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

I'm just back from Frankfurt (FRA)--or as my friend Steve calls it, my "home away from home!" I worked the late flight over on Saturday night and got into my hotel room at 12:45 Sunday afternoon. A nap was necessary and a little later, I met some friends for dinner.

My colleagues, Wayne, Mandy and Vicki--who worked the earlier flight.

Wayne, Vicki and I walked over to the Klosterhof restaurant for some schnitzel. The Flight Crews affectionately call this place "The Orange Door." I bet you can guess why...

Always a good time and a great meal--and the weather was nice enough that we could still eat outside in the bier garten.

Other pics in my camera...
One of the girls I flew with showed off her new tee-shirt!

I was walking down the airport concourse, heading to the employee parking lot to go home, and ran across this man with this bird. Turns out, the bird is the mascot of the US Air Force Academy and they were heading back to the Academy in Colorado Springs. CO.

It was so hot on the 767 I was working a couple of weeks ago--that we opened carts every few minutes to get a cool breeze...

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