London for pizza!

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Had a great trip to London! I worked in Business going over with a London-based crew. Since I was the only one not based there, I was the only Flight Attendant going to the hotel. And, that was just fine, because I love being in London and am very comfortable finding my way around.

We worked the day flight over, so we arrived in London around 9:30 pm. Add another hour or so to the hotel in Central London--I checked into my room--and was given Room 1815. Took a little while to find it--it was behind this door (doh!) marked incorrectly:

Torrential rains the next morning made it perfect to sleep in. The skies cleared up a little afternoon, so I headed out for a bite to eat.

A block from the hotel I passed the Hyde Park mansions.

I walked through Marks and Spencer on my way over to the Edgware Road Tube Station. Interesting the way the shoes are displayed there-different from the way they are displayed in a US store. After I snapped this picture, I had a Security guy follow me through the rest of the store. With the law following me, I made sure to stop and look at everything!!

Down the escalator to the the Bakerloo Line, which will take me right to Picadilly Circus, and only a few blocks from my favorite restaurant near there.

Getting closer...

Hey! Did you lose your tennis shoes?

Lower Regent Street, just a couple more blocks to New Burlington Street to....

...a Speck pizza at Strada. Described on the menu as: Slices of northern Italian smoked mountain ham, gorgonzola, tomato, mozzarella and rocket. (Rocket is arugula.)


Flying back Monday morning, I worked the Business Galley--we rocked out two hot meals and had fun doing it. I arrived home yesterday around 1 pm...and was in bed for a few hours a little later. Fun trip for me!


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