Whine Cellar

July 20, 2010 2 Comments A+ a-

Mea culpa for not being around much. This month has been hectic with a little fun thrown in, too. (More on the fun later.)

Old joke: What do you call a basement full of Flight Attendants?
A whine cellar!
(And, I'm in the basement, y'all!)

You may have read my post Jumping Through Hoops, where I waxed on (okay, I bitched!) about documenting a personal emergency for work--we had water flood from the third floor of our townhouse all the way down to the first.

The insurance company had us wait 8 weeks to see if our hardwood on the second floor would "lay down." While we were waiting for the floor to do its' thing, our contractor told me to pack things up in case they had to replace the flooring. He told me to do this before he told me how long it would take before they would replace the floor. I did and have basically been living out of boxes since mid-May.

The hardwood did not lay down and we had to replace the entire second floor's...uh, floor! This was no small feat in that they squoosh everything you own into a small area of your house, rip up the flooring, then move your furniture and stuff onto the sub-floor to get at the area your stuff was just sitting on. The process of ripping up the flooring took a day and a half.

Then, I noticed the contractor's guys brought up 40 boxes of a different brand of flooring than the contractor knew we had-and our homeowner's insurance is for replacement value. We wanted the same stuff we put in here four years ago when the house was built.

So, a mini-fight ensued, with the contractor telling me that it was the exact same stuff. I love the Internet--and had educated myself and knew he was full of crap. My SuperHeroHusband, stuck in a faraway land, got involved and then a call to our truly fabulous insurance company, USAA, sealed the deal and we got the flooring we wanted and were due.

I felt really badly for the guy that had to carry 40 boxes of hardwood up the stairs, carry all the ripped out hardwood down the stairs...then the next day carry 40 boxes of cheap hardwood back down the stairs to replace it with 40 more boxes up the stairs. (Whew, I broke a sweat just writing that!)

The hardwood installation guys came yesterday morning and left last night around 10:30. Done! Finished! Complete!

Today the carpet guys are here to replace the carpeting on the third floor and stairs and the chandelier-hanging guy is here, too.

Thursday the carpet on the first floor is getting cleaned--this is just because it needs it, not the flood.

In the meantime, our home is in shambles...but knowing that there will be no more workers in my house and I can just slowly put everything back together again is priceless!

The kitties will certainly appreciate all this being done. As soon as they hear a stranger's voice--they go into hiding. This is Spikey's favorite hiding place...on the shelf in the closet behind Norm's shirts.

Now that this is almost over, I just know my husband and friends are going to miss hearing me whine and complain about the noise, dust, bad contractor, living out of boxes, etc. But, have no fear! I'll find something to whine and complain about real soon! ;)

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July 20, 2010 at 4:30 PM delete

oh my gosh. that's absolutely terrible. we have a 3 story townhouse and if i was forced to live on one floor of it with everything in boxes, i'd FREAK OUT. you must be a saint.

July 20, 2010 at 4:44 PM delete

Thank you, Brit--I really didn't have a choice, though! Good thing a few layovers got me away from this mess!

Adjusting my halo,