Scenes from the Bahnhofstrasse

August 22, 2010 1 Comments A+ a-

The Voice called and gave me my assignment--and it wasn't the one I wanted.  On the List that day, was a five day trip that looks like this: work one leg down to Sao Paulo (GRU), layover 25 hours.  After that,  work a "turn" to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and back, layover for another 25 hours.  On the last day, fly home.  Hanging out in the Land of Caipirinhas sounded not only delicious to me, but a break from the scorching summer heat that we've had here in Washington, DC.

"Please, oh, please, oh, please let me have the Sao Paulo trip!" I thought to myself as the phone rang and Caller ID showed that it was the Crew Desk calling.  "Flight Attendant Blondie, this is Lurch at the Crew Desk.  I have your trip for you..."  Holding the phone tentatively and trembling with fear that my trip was going to be a "turn" to Raleigh (RDU) and back, (two flights that take less total time than it takes me to drive to work...) "Yes..."

"Your trip is ID 5017 departing at...with a layover in....Zurich."

My eyes open wide...I can barely make out the words, "thank you" and hang up the phone.

Woohoo!  I've never been to Zurich (ZRH)!  I am always up for a new adventure.  Sao Paulo, Schmao Paulo...I dropped that wish like a hot potato.  (When it comes to trips, I have no loyalties!)

I called my SuperHeroHusband, who is serving in a faraway land...and since I was going to be there on a weekend, he said would take the train down to ZRH and spend the layover with me!  

My first view of the Alps!

Lake Zurich

We flew all night and arrived early in the morning.  I worked Business Galley with two great guys, Stephan and Roger.  (Heather, Stephan says hello!)   Once in my hotel room, I crashed and slept for a few hours.  Norm arrived early in the afternoon--and announced that it was too hot outside, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  

Norm's beer, served with a pretzel!

A bit later, we set out for a beer and dinner, and walked along the river over to the Bahnhofstrasse toward Lake Zurich. The Bahnhofstrasse is loaded with high-end shops, and fortunately for my husband, everything was closed--it was Switzerland's National Day.  

Dinner was brats and sauerkraut and potatoes and delicious! 

It was one of the best layovers I've ever had--and the first one I've spent with my husband.  We just enjoyed being together in this beautiful and friendly city.

Hopefully Lurch will call with another good trip later this week!  Cross your fingers for me, please!

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August 25, 2010 at 3:45 AM delete

Quite often we see your ship taking off homeward bound on our way to lunch. Not quite as impressive as Singapore's 380, but still ...

Glad you enjoyed Zurich. You surely had luck with the weather.