My View from Geneva, Switzerland

March 21, 2011 3 Comments A+ a-

My trip last week was a three day Geneva (GVA). I had never been before, so I was excited to go.

During briefing, I was "juniored" into the Business Galley position. I was working with two Flight Attendants that have been flying for 25-30 years--and knew this galley position like the back of their hands. Me, not so much. I fly in that galley position a couple times a, I'm not that fast and I don't know many shortcuts. I mean, I can do it...just not with the finesse of someone with a lot of experience.

Since the flight was blocked for 7.57 hours, we didn't get a break...which made me being in the Business Galley a little better.  On longer flights of 8 hours or more, no one takes a break until all the meals are served and cleaned, on this flight, I didn't have to get in a big hurry to accommodate the breaks.

The women I worked with were pleasant and knew their stuff. They helped me keep ahead of myself, which was much appreciated. We knocked out the dinner service in the usual amount of time and everything went fairly smoothly...which is to say, I didn't suck.

I'll take it!

We arrived to our hotel in GVA around 9 a.m. and Julie, one of the other Flight Attendants, and I decided we'd meet at 2 pm for a bite to eat and to take a look around.

Our hotel sits in the touristy area, on Lake Geneva. We walked across the Mont Blanc bridge towards Molino's-a pizzeria recommended by the concierge, on Place Molard. The plaza was filled with tourists and locals at the cafes and shops and the pizza, like most I've eaten in Europe, was phenomenally good. (Or, were we just hungry?)

Cold and overcast in GVA, we didn't stay out very long.  We finished up our walk and called it a night, while it was still daylight--I was tired.

For the return flight, the next day, the pressure was on: this was a flight that would have breaks, and being fast in the galley would be important.  Theresa asked me if she could do the galley, and I don't think a millisecond elapsed before I blurted out, "Yes, please."

Theresa rocked the galley (and showed me a couple of cool shortcuts, that I'll use next time) while Liz and I worked the Aisle.   It all went swimmingly, which is always good!

While yakking with Liz,  I found out she has a blog, too!  It's the weirdest thing, because so many of my colleagues don't know what a blog is, so I was happy to know she had one, too.  Postcards from the Air Check it out--she's got a ton of travel info and suggestions over there, for "regular" people and crew, too.

Here are some pics from our walk in GVA:
Lake Geneva

The yellow boat is a water taxi.

The famous Jet d'Eau.

In Place Molard, this woman had a sign in French and English, giving away free hugs.
I asked her why, she said, "Because everyone needs a hug!"

Julie, getting her hug.

The train--drops you right in front of the store!

Clock made of flowers

Mont Blanc Bridge

And this is the view the next morning, after we left, of course!  (I did a little Internet "borrowing"...)


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March 31, 2011 at 5:58 AM delete

What? An 8 hour flight and y'all didn't get a break?

March 31, 2011 at 12:33 PM delete

Tony--it was blocked for 7.57. Yep...three minutes shy of needing a break!