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Before we left for Shanghai, we were able to visit with a couple of our friends in Chicago. My friend and former Inflight Manager, Deb and her new baby came by the hotel. Five months old, Rio is beautiful and precious with her long blonde hair and squishy legs. When she fell asleep in my arms, I just wanted to eat her up! I ♥ Rio!

One of my favorite pilots and good friend from my former airline, Gary, stopped by for hugs and hellos before we boarded for our flight.

In addition to the Arrival card we had to fill out for Immigration into China, we also had to fill out the "Health Declaration" card, which is part of the Chinese response to the aporkalypse. I like this question: "Have you had close contact with pig within the past 1 week?" (Oh, the jokes I could insert here...!)

On arrival into Shanghai, these guys (or gals, who could tell?) came onboard the aircraft with a thermometer. (Well, I think it was a thermometer!) They pointed the gun thingee at your forehead and it displayed a series of four dots on your skin. Lasting a mere 2 seconds for each person, they cleared our airplane quite quickly.

We found our driver relatively quickly and headed to our apartment near downtown. Two bedrooms, two bath, with a cooked-to-order breakfast buffet and Internet for about $65 a night each. Not bad--huh?

We actually had the three bedroom apartment--where the smaller bedroom was made into a computer room. Some websites were blocked, apparently by the government. I was unable to access my blog to post anything--I sent my sister an e-mail so she could post the last post for me. Yeah, I know, I am probably a threat to the Chinese government... (rolleyes!)

The other dissident website I was unable to access there was Verizon Wireless. Go figure!

The thing I enjoyed the most while we were there was a walk around our colorful neighborhood. I loved this restaurant with the fresh seafood right in front of it. Eel, urchin, shrimp, or octopus--take your pick!

The area was filled with colorful lanterns and decorations. At night, there were brightly-hued lights that twinkled for the street festival.

There were street vendors everywhere--many of them selling fresh fruit. This man had fresh cherries and these delicious, juicy, sweet, tart, strawberry tasting things:

And these--which when opened, revealed a very soft, sweet white segmented fruit--divinely delectable!

Next post--Xintiandi, jewelry and potato chips!

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May 28, 2009 at 1:19 AM delete

Those spike fruits in the first photo are I think Rambutams. Did they have a largish pip in the centre? As for the 2nd fruit I have seen it before but cant think of its name at present.

flying mum
May 28, 2009 at 10:16 PM delete

Wow, hadn't heard about the thermometer thing! That's crazy.